Custom Lawn Care and Landscaping


Fertilization & Weed Control Custom Lawn Care and Landscaping provides a liquid/granular fertilization and weed control program on residential and commercial properties. Most companies take a "cookie cutter" approach to this process and treat all yards with the exact same process and combination of products. In reality, no two yards are the same, and no two neighborhoods are the same. Applying the same combination of products to all yards will not produce the results that would be desired. We think your yard care program deserves more than that!

We tailor our fertilization and weed control program to the growing conditions and requirements of YOUR yard and not all yards. We also know that different people have individual preferences for turf care and will want different outcomes. Our specialists will come out and walk around your property with you, address your areas of concern with your lawn, and ask you what you would like to gain by our services. Then we can formulate a program to fit your needs and put together a plan of attack specific to your property. Our equipment is properly maintained to ensure calibration rates and accuracy in the amount of product applied to your lawn. Most products that are applied are as just as safe around children and pets as your common household cleaners.

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect to gain from a proper lawn fertilization and weed control program:

  • Thicker and greener turf
  • Fewer weeds
  • A healthier, more attractive lawn
  • A heartier, more stress-resistant lawn

Contact Us to schedule a free lawn consultation and learn what Custom Lawn Care and Landscaping can do to make your yard look better than ever.

Cities that are served in Kentucky (KY):
  • Louisville, KY
  • Prospect, KY
  • Crestwood, KY
  • Anchorage, KY
  • Bullitt County, KY
  • Spencer County, KY
  • Bardstown, KY