Custom Lawn Care and Landscaping


Power Seeding/Aeration Power seeding is a process in which a machine with knife-like blades creates slits in your lawn. Seed is then dropped into the slits and they are then covered back up again. The blades of the machine are designed to minimize damage to the lawn to avoid ruining what grass is already established.

Power seeding is the fastest way to restore a weak lawn and to achieve optimum seed germination. It can be used for touch-ups of small bare areas, or for complete lawn renovations.

To ensure good seed establishment, you must:

  • Maintain good soil moisture for the first four weeks after seeding. The immature roots of the new grass are shallow and dry out more quickly than mature grass. Once the grass begins to mature, you can reduce the frequency of watering.
  • Mow your lawn when it is one-third higher than you would normally mow it, but make sure it is dry before cutting. Be sure mower blades are sharp so the grass won't be pulled out of the ground while being cut.
  • Be gentle for the first few cuttings. Take corners carefully and mow BEFORE you water.

Core Aeration

Power Seeding/Aeration It's amazing what a little fresh air can do for people, pets and even lawns. While it's not really possible to take your lawn for a nice drive in the country, you can improve its health with a process called core aeration. Every lawn needs to be aerated at some point in its life; some more often. To see if yours is due, consider getting a lawn analysis by Contacting Us. An analysis will tell you about the general health of your lawn and whether your soil could benefit from aeration.

Core aeration, or plug aeration, is the process of making finger-sized holes in your lawn and depositing the removed material (cores or plugs) on the lawn to break down. This process allows fertilizer, water and oxygen to get to the roots. This ultimately creates a healthier and greener lawn. Depending on weather, soil conditions and watering/mowing frequency, the cores will break down and disappear in about two weeks. Allowing the cores to break down naturally will add valuable nutrients to your lawn. It is important to not rake up the cores as that reduces the effectiveness of the aeration process.

Contact us for an analysis of your lawn and let us help you determine the best course of action to get your lawn on its way to being as beautiful as it can possibly be.

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