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Landscape Services Taylorsville, KY We at Custom Lawn Care and Landscaping are based in Taylorsville, KY. From here, we serve many surrounding communities and cater to residential and commercial clients. Our experience of more than 22 years in the field puts us in a unique position to provide clients with tailored solutions that are outstanding in every way. The focus is always on providing clients the perfect balance of quality and cost-effectiveness.

We are a member of Louisville Home Builder's Association, and this is your assurance that you are working with a credible operator that handles every project to industry standards. The range of services we offer includes:

Design & Installation

We provide custom landscape design and installation services and make sure that every aspect of your landscape is exactly how you expected it to be. Creating superb landscapes that are functional, appealing as well as durable and long lasting is about making sure that all of the areas are designedwith attention to detail. We also make sure that good quality materials are used in the work as this goes a long way in increasing the lifespan of the outdoor spaces. We provide custom design and installation solutions to meet the needs of commercial and residential clients across the region. Read More About Design & Installation »

Landscape Maintenance

Our company offers custom landscape maintenance plans that include every aspect of your outdoor spaces. We understand that plants, shrubs, trees, and lawns require regular care and attention, and that is exactly what we provide. We custom design these solutions based on the types of plants is in your landscape. In addition to softscape maintenance we handle all of the hardscape maintenance requirements on your property. We use organic pest control products and fertilizers in the job which goes a long way in maintaining the health of your plantings and do not cause any harm to the landscape or people using the areas. Read More About Landscape Maintenance »

Landscape Lighting

Creating a beautiful outdoor space is a lot about paying attention to aspects such as landscape design and plans and using materials and features that will be attractive and functional. It's also very important to make sure that the landscape has the right kind of exterior lighting elements so that all the features are showcased in the best possible way even after dark. We provide custom landscape lighting plans and designs and cater to commercial and residential clients. We use a mix and match of various energy efficient LED lighting fixtures such as lamp posts, paver lights, floodlights, and more to create a unique and attractive appearance in your landscape. Read More About Landscape Lighting »

Seasonal Planting

Including seasonal plants in the landscape is one of the best ways to add vibrancy and color to the outdoor areas on your property. There are many different types of plants that grow in different seasons, making it necessary to choose plants with care. We have vast horticultural knowledge and will help you choose the right kinds of seasonal plants that will thrive in various areas of your landscaping. It is also important to protect the soil well and ensure that it has the right balance of nutrients. We use our expertise in this space to provide customized seasonal planting solutions to our commercial and residential clients and create superb landscapes with stunning flower and color displays. Read More About Seasonal Planting »

Power Seeding/Aeration

Power seeding is the quickest way to restore weak lawns and to achieve the highest level of seed germination. We use this process for touch-ups of smaller bare areas on lawns as well as for complete lawn renovations. Use good quality grass seed in our work and complete this job expertly. Core aeration is required to ensure that the grass roots get the right amount of oxygen as well as nutrition and water from the soil. We can conduct a soil analysis to help you determine whether core aeration is required for your lawn areas. We provide these services for residential lawns as well as for large-scale commercial outdoor spaces. Read More About Power Seeding/Aeration »

Fertilization & Weed Control

Controlling weed growth is one of the best ways to ensure that your plants get the right amounts of water and nutrition from the soil. If weeds are left to grow, they quickly usurp the area and affect the health of your plantings. In addition to regular weed control treatments, we also make sure that your plants are fertilized at regular intervals. Our company uses organic fertilizers in our work and also customizes the formulation based on the types of plants you have on your property. We will schedule these treatments at different times of the year to make sure that your landscape gets the best benefit from them. Read More About Fertilization & Weed Control »

Hardscape Design & Installation

Every landscape will have a variety of plantings, trees, and shrubs. However, a well-balanced landscape will also need various hardscaping features. We are the experts that can design and install different features including patios, decks, walkways, pathways, and driveways. We recommend the use of materials such as pavers, natural stone, brick, concrete masonry blocks as well as aggregates and other materials to create the perfect aesthetic in the outdoor spaces of your property. These custom designed hardscaping elements will be designed with attention to detail. They will be functional and attractive all at once, which increases the usability and value of your outdoors spaces. Read More About Hardscape Design & Installation »

Paver Patios

Patios are an excellent addition to any residential yard space, and are a natural extension of the indoor spaces. Many homeowners also get outdoor kitchens and other outdoor living elements installed on their patio. This area generally sees heavy use, which is why we recommend the use of paver stones for patios. There are different types of pavers to choose from such as ones made of concrete, brick or natural stone. We can help you choose the material that will be best suited to the styling and design of various other installations in your landscaping. Our paver patio installers will make sure that the feature is durable and long lasting. Read More About Paver Patios »

Retaining Walls

If you have any soil erosion problems in your landscape,or have excavated some sloping land to create space for hardscaping features, it becomes necessary to install retaining walls. These are specially engineered walls that could be made from materials such as concrete masonry blocks, stone, or wood. We design and build these walls to complement the appearance of the outdoor spaces on your property and make sure that their structure is strong and resilient. Our team of hardscape designers can also create dual function walls with features such as in built seating or planters spaces that can be installed at strategic locations in your landscape. Read More About Retaining Walls »


A driveway is one of the most used features in a landscape and needs to be designed perfectly and installed using high-quality materials. We have the expertise, skill, and experience to plan and build driveways made of interlocking concrete pavers, brick, or natural stone. We use high-quality materials that will be easy to maintain and durable too. If necessary, we can also sand and seal the paved surfaces to increase the durability of the feature. We use high-grade materials and workmanship so you are sure that you will get resilient and aesthetically appealing commercial and residential driveways on your property. Read More About Driveways »


Walkways are a common feature on many properties. These could be installed in just about any area of your landscaping and need to be planned perfectly. It is also very important to use good quality materials like paver stones in walkway installation. We provide our clients with unique walkway design ideas that will perfectly complement various other features such as driveways, walls, and other masonry structures in the outdoor spaces. We use the best quality paving products and installation techniques in our projects, which increases the resilience and durability of the features and helps ensure that you have low maintenance areas on your landscape. Read More About Walkways »

For any more information about our expert landscaping and hardscaping services, feel free to contact us Custom Lawn Care and Landscaping at this number or send us a message through this Contact Us form and one of our experts will call you to discuss your requirements, within 24-48 hours (usually faster).

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